All for Love

GAll for A/C#love a Father Dgave, Gfor only Alove could make a Bm7way;

GAll for Alove the heavens Bm7cried, Gfor A/C#love was cruciDfied


Oh, how many A/C#times have I broken Your Bm7heart

But still You forGgive, if only I Dask

And how many A/C#times have You heard me Bm7pray,

"Draw Gnear to me"


AEverything I E/G#need is F#mYou, my beginning, my forDever

AEverything I E/G#need is F#mYou! D


Let me sing all for love; I will join the angel song;
Ever holy is the Lord, King of glory, King of all


All for love a Savior prayed,
"Abba, Father, have Your way;
Though they know not what they do,
let the cross draw man to You, to You"


Mia Fieldes. Original keys: D-to-A, or E-to-B
© 2004 Hillsongs CCLI song# 4455220
CDs: God He Reigns (2004) (7:00 192kbps wma); Look to You (United)