Audience of One


I come on my Bm7 G2 Dknees, To lay down beBm7 G2 Dfore you

Bringing all that I Bm7 G2 Dam, Longing only to Bm7 G2 Dknow you

Seeking your Bm7 G2 Dface, And not only your Bm7 G2 Dhand

I find you emBm7 G2 Dbracing me, Just as Bm7 G2 DI am


AsusAnd I Bm7lift these songs to G2You and You alone

AsusAs I Bm7sing to You in my C2praises make Your home(break)


To my GaudiDence of Asusone, You are GFather Dand You are AsusSon

As Your Bm7Spirit flows free, Let it G2find within me

A D/F#heart that G2beats to Asuspraise You

And Gnow just to Dknow You Asusmore, Has Gbecome my Dgreat Asusreward

To see Bm7Your kingdom come, And G2Your will be done

I D/F#only deG2sire to be AsusYours, Lord Bm7 G2 D


So what could I bring, To honor Your majesty
What song could I sing, That would move the heart of royalty
When all that I have, Is this life that You've given me
So Lord let me live for You, This song with humility

And Lord as the love song of my life is played
I have one desire to bring glory to Your name


Mike Weaver © 2001 Open Worship Music Inc.
CCLI song# 3504512
CDs: One and Only (2001) (128kbps 0:33 mp3), (20k 61s ram), (20k 43s ram), (44k 30s ram), (20k 31s ram), (guitar sheet pdf)