Be Magnified

I have Emmade You too Dsmall in my Ameyes,

Oh CLord, DforEmgive me

And EmI have Dbelieved in a Amlie,

That CYou were unDable to Emhelp me


But Gnow, oh DLord, I Amsee my Cwrong,

CHeal my Dheart, and Gshow Yourself Dstrong

GAnd in my Deyes and Amwith my Csong

Oh CLord be DmagniEmfied, oh Am7Lord be DmagniGfied

Be GmagniDfied, Oh AmLord

CYou are Ghighly exFalted Dsus D/C

BmAnd there is Emnothing CYou can't Cdo;

Am7Oh DLord, my Emeyes are on DYou

Be CmagDniEmfied, oh Am7Lord be DmagniGfied


I have leaned on the wisdom of men
Oh Lord forgive me
And I have responded to them
Instead of Your light and Your mercy
Lynn DeShazo.
© 1991 Integrity's Hosanna! Music. CCLI song# 645914