Be the Centre


DJesus, be the centre

Be my Asource, be my Glight, JeDsus

Jesus, be the centre

Be my hope, be my song, Jesus


Be the Afire in my Dheart

Be the Awind in these Dsails

Be the Areason that I Bmlive

JeAsus, GJeDsus


Jesus, be my vision
Be my path, be my guide, Jesus


Michael Frye. Original key of D.
© 1999 Vineyard Songs (Eire/UK) CCLI song# 2650429
CDs: Hungry (1999) (1:30 96kbps mp3) (0:30 96kbps mp3) (0:30 96kbps mp3)
Come Now is the Time to Worship (2000) (1:30 96kbps mp3)