Beautiful One

[ capo 3 + G ] 

CWonderful, so Dwonderful, is G/Byour unfailing love,

Your Ccross has spoken Dmercy over Em7me

No Ceye has seen, no Dear has heard, no G/Bheart could fully know,

How Cglorious, how Dbeautiful You Gare


Beautiful COne, I Dlove You

Beautiful C (Em7)One, I aD (D/F#)dore

Beautiful COne my Dsoul must Gsing


Powerful, so powerful, Your glory fills the skies
Your mighty works displayed for all to see
The beauty of Your majesty awakes my heart to sing;
How marvelous, how wonderful You are


You've Copened my eyes to your Dwonders anew

You C (C/E)captured my heart with this D (D/F#)love

'Cause Cnothing on earth is as Dbeautiful as Gyou


Tim Hughes. Original key D.
© 2002 Thankyou Music. CCLI song# 3915912