Bless'd are those who Gdim5dwell in Your Ghouse Gdim5 G

They are ever A/Dpraising DYou A/D D

Bless'd are those whose Gdim5strength is-in GYou Em

Whose hearts are A2set on our God D


We will go from Gstrength to Astrength

Until we see You G/Bface to Aface


DHear our Aprayer

Oh BmLord God AlGmighty

D/F#Come bless our Aland

As we Bmseek You, Gworship You


DFor You are holy

A/C#For You are holy

BmFor You are holy, GLord


© 2002 Reuben Morgan and Darlene Zschech (Hillsong)
CDs: Blessed (2002)
CCLI song# 3490547