By Heart, By Soul

capo 1 (CD in key of Ab to A)

If Gyou were a D/F#road,

I'd Emlearn every Dturn til CI

Could Cfind my way with Emmy eyes Dclosed

If Gyou were a D/F#song,

EmI'd sing aDlong til CI

Knew Cevery word and Emevery Dnote

But Cmyou are everything to me, a Emmystery

Eb?You're the love I live to Dsee


By Gheart, by D/F#soul

That's Emhow I want to Dknow you

CKeep you as G/Bclose as Ambreath is to Dlife

Wanna Gwatch your D/F#love unEmfold

By Amheart D(by heart), by Gsoul


If you were a place,
I'd stay my whole life, so I
Had every corner memorized
And if you were a star,
I'd follow you home, you would be
The light that is my only guide
You are everything to me, my A to Z
And will be forever, in eternity


CmI want to know you, Ginside and out

CmBetter than I even know myDself

Avalon with Aaron Neville (Oxygen CD)