Can I Stay Here Forever?

[capo 3] 

Through forDgotten convictions and Bm7misplaced affections,

I'm Asuslosing the sound of Your Gmaj7voice

I've been Dchasing after emptiness, Bm7tryin' to tidy up this mess,

I Asusswear I've been down this road beGfore

I wanna Gmget back to where it all beD/Bgan, when I would C2long for only C2/Bb AsusYou


DLike a child I'll A/C#take You at Your Gword,

As these mountains of Gmdoubt, they fade aD/Bway,

I'm longing to Asustrust and love You G6more

DSo for me this is A/C#beautiful,

GA brand new thought and a Gmbrand new world,

D/BCan I stay here forAsusever here with G6You?


I've lost sight of what first drew me, to the love that pursued me,
The joy that inspired my song
The friendship that was all I knew, the arms that I would fall into
Seem miles and years from where I am today
I've gotta get back to where it all began, when I would long for only You


Can I Dstay here forever, A/C#here with You?

SurD/Brounded by Your mercy, Asusclothed in Your truth

AlGways, I'll Astay, alD/Bways, here with A/C#You

Can I Dbe here forever, A/C#here with You?

Can I D/Bknow what it's like to Asusdeeply love You

AlGways, Lord, let me Astay, alD/Bways, here with A/C#You


John and Tim Neufeld (Starfield). Orig. key of F#.
© 2004 Birdwing Music CCLI song# 4310224