Days of Love


CMay the Lord be Amwith you as you Fgo away from Ghere

CMay the light of AmJesus light your F Gway

FMay His word surGround you in an Cunfamiliar Amland

FFilling your Gdays with Clove


May His Spirit touch your heart and carry you along
Going where our prayers have gone before
Not a worry, not a care for trust is day by day
These are the days of love


AmYesterEmday’s Ampassing Emaway

But Dm7these are the Dm7/Cdays of the GLord


And the grace of Jesus that has brought you safe this far
Shall again go with you on your way
On other days just like today, but different better by far
Yes these are the days of love


Wes Teresaki © 1976 JEMS Music
CCLI song#