El Shaddai


El ShadEmdai, /GEl ShadAdai, /C#El ElDyon na AdoGnai,

Age to Cage you're still the F#same, by the Bmpower A/C#of the BName,

El ShadEmdai, /GEl ShadAdai, /C#ErkamDka na AdoGnai,

We will Cpraise and lift you Ahigh, El ShadDdai.


Through your Emlove and /Gthrough the Aram, You /C#saved the Dson of AbraGham;

Through the Cpower of your F#hand You turned the Bmsea inA/C#to dry Bland

To the Emoutcast /Gon her Aknees You /C#were the DGod who really Gsees,

And Cby your might You Aset your children Dfree.


Through the Emyears You /Gmade it Aclear /C#that the Dtime of Christ was Gnear,

Though the Cpeople couldn't F#see what MesBmsiah A/C#ought to Bbe.

Though your EmWord con/Gtained the Aplan, /C#they just Dcould not underGstand

Your most Cawesome work was Adone, through the Cfrailty of Your ASon.


John Thompson and Michael Card. Original key Eb, also try C.
© 1981 Mole End Music
CCLI song# 26856
El Shaddai: (God Almighty); El Elyon: (God Most High); na Adonai: (O Lord); erkamka: (we will love you)