Every Nation


A sound is rising Cup, D All across the Emearth G/Bm

We're gathered in Your Cname; We're Dhere to worship EmYou G/Bm


Ev'ry knee will Cbow (ohh-Dohh),

Ev'ry tongue conG/Bmfess (ohh-Gohh),

Ev'ry heart will Cknow (ohh-Dohh),

That You are GGod --


You are CHoly DLord, You are the GWay, the G/BmTruth, the EmLife,

You are CHoly DLord, alGways

You are CHoly DLord, And Your Glove enG/Bmdures forEmever,



Our hearts are joined as Cone, D Our voices sing Your Empraise G/Bm

In unity we Ccome; We Dlive to worship EmYou G/Bm


(C)Let every Dtribe, and every Emtongue,

And every G/Bmnation worship CYou (4x)

Tom Read (The Vine Band). Original key A.
© 2008 Tom Read / The Vine Christian Fellowship Ltd CCLI song# 5288939
CD: From Ashes to Beauty (2008)