Every Time I Breathe

I am Gsure, all of Aheaven's heard me Bmcry

As I F#mtell You all the Greasons why

This Alife is just too Dhard

But day by Gday, without Afail

I'm finding F#meverything I need

And Emeverything that You Gare, to me


DEvery time I breathe You seem a little bit closer

I Gnever want to leave

I want to stay in Your warm emBmbrace

Oh D/F#mbasking in the Gglory shining from Your Aface

And Devery time I get another glimpse of Your heart

I Grealize it's true

That You Emare so D/F#mmarvelous GGod

And I am Aso in love with You


Now how could I after knowing One so great
Respond to You in any way
That's less than all I have to give
But by Your grace I want to love You not with what I say
But everyday, in a way that my life is lived


CWrapped in Your mercy I want to G/Blive and never leave

I am Dheld by how humble

Yet overAwhelmed by Your majesty

CCaptured by grace and now I'm G/Bfinding I am Gfree

You are Dmarvelous God

And knowing AYou is everything

Andy Cloninger, Michael Farren, Mike Weaver (Big Daddy Weave)
©2006 Word Music CCLI song# 4807971
Every Time I Breathe (2006) (music video)