Everyday [capo 4]


CWhat to Gsay Lord? It's EmYou who Dgave me life and

CI can't exGplain just how Emmuch You Dmean to me now

CThat You have Gsaved me Lord, I Emgive all Dthat I am to CYou

That everyGday I can Embe a Dlight that shines Your C G Em Dname


CEveryGday Lord, I'll Emlearn to Dstand upon Your CWord

And I Gpray that I, EmThat I might Dcome to know You Cmore

That You would Gguide me in Emevery Dsingle step I Ctake

That everyGday I can Embe a Dlight unto the Gworld


EveryCday, it's EmYou I'll Dlive for

GEveryCday, I'll Emfollow Dafter GYou

EveryCday, I'll Emwalk with DYou my G C Em DLord


It's GYou I Clive for, EmeveryDday (3x)


Joel Houston.
Original key B.
© 1999 Hillsong Publishing; CCLI song# 2798154
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