Everything About You (capo3+Bm: Dm)


BmBe my Alight in this Emdarkened Groom;

I'm Bmon my Aface and I'm calling Em Gyou

BmI can't Afathom all You've Emdone for Gme --

BmEvery Atime it finds me Emon my Gknees

Like Asunlight in the Gwinter Emcold


GEveryDthing about YouBm, it Atakes my breath aGway,


GI tried this Donce without YouBm, and it Awas my great misGtake,

HalDleluAjah  (last time: Em G D - 4x)


Questions fade when you invade --
You chase all of my fears away
With Your love in my atmosphere,
All confusion disappears
And nothing but Your truth remains


BmQuestions A/C#fade E/G# G......   BmYou reA/C#main E G......

BmYou are color Aon a page of Emwhite, bright like Geyes beneath black Bmlight,

Like a Aglowing city Emon a plain G, You call my Bm A Em Gname,

You call my Em Gname (n.c.) (come in on Bm)

Chris Rohman, Matt Hammitt, Steve Goodrum, Tedd Tjomham (Sanctus Real). Original key Bm.
© 2004 Birdwing Music, Meaux Hits, Tedasia Music; CCLI song# 4325374
CDs: Fight the Tide (2004) (4:01 swf), music video (4:00 asx), (4:10 ram)