Famous One


GYou are the G/BLord, the C9famous One, famous One

Em7Great is Your Dname in all the C9earth

The Gheavens deG/Bclare, You're C9glorious, glorious

Em7Great is Your Dfame beyond the Gearth

[ G - G/B - F - C ]


And in Am7all you've done, and G/Byet to do

With C9every breath I'm Gpraising You

DeAm7sire of nations, and G/Bevery heart

You aC9lone are God, You aDlone are God


The Am7morning star is G/Bshining through

And C9every eye is Gwatching You

ReAm7vealed by nature and G/Bmiracles

You are C9beautiful, You are Dbeautiful


Chris Tomlin and Jesse Reeves
© 2002 worshiptogether.com songs, Six Steps Music
CCLI song# 3599431