Habitation (Oh Lord, My Heart Longs to Be)


GOh Lord, my Cheart longs to Gbe C

GA habiCtation fit for DsusThee D

A place where Cpeace Dreigns Bm7and love can Em7flourish

CA heart where Am7You can feel at Dsushome D


GOh Lord, I Cwant to be like GYou C

GMy tongue to Cspeak the words You Dsusdo D

My hands to Cstretch Dforth Bm7in healing Em7others

CMy feet to Dcarry the Good CNews D


That You are GGod, You're the EmWay

You're the CTruth and You're the DLife

King of Gkings, Lord of Emlords,

Prince of CPeace, Lord Jesus DChrist

And by Your Cshed Dblood, Bm7the Great ReEm7deemer

CYou saved my Dsoul, You paid the Gprice

(last time): CYou saved my Dsoul, now have my Glife.


Janice Huse.
© 1989 Pinecrest Bible Training Center