Here With Me

[ capo 3 (key of Dm) ] 

I Elong for Your emBmbrace, Devery single Aday

To Emeet You in this Bmplace, and Dsee You face to Aface

Will You Eshow me?Bm ReDveal Yourself to Ame

Because of Your EmercyBm, I Dfall down on my Aknees A


I can feel Your Epresence here with Bmme

Suddenly I'm Dlost within Your Abeauty

Caught up in the Ewonder of Your Bmtouch

Here in this Dmoment I surArender to Your Elove


You're everywhere I go; I am not alone
You call me as Your own; to know You and be known
You are holy, and I fall down on my knees


GI surDrender to Your Agrace A

GI surDrender to the F#mOne who took my Gplace


Brad Russell and Dan Muckala / Mercy Me. Original key F#m (range Eb-F#).
© 2003 Zooki Tunes / Wordspring Music, Inc. / Russellmade Music; CCLI song# 4168177
(4:09 128kbps VBR mp3)