Humble King


DOh kneel me Em7down D/F#magainG, here Aat Your Dfeet

Show me how Em7much D/F#myou love G huAmiliDty

Oh Spirit Em7be D/F#mthe star G that Aleads me Bm7to A G

The D/F#mhumble Em7heart D/F#mof Glove I Asee in Dyou


You are the GGod of the D/F#mbroken,

The EmFriend of the Aweak

You wash the Gfeet of the D/F#mweary,

EmEmbrace the ones in Aneed

I want to Gbe like you, D/F#mJesus,

To Emhave this heart in Ame

You are the Em7God of the D/F#mhumble,

You Gare the Ahumble DKing.


Brenton Brown.
© 1999 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire) CCLI song# 1596342
CDs: Hungry (2000)