I Adore You

Disappointment cuts me like a knife
But I won't be afraid, no
Strange operations happen all around
The audience escapes unscathed
You are my fortress in this storm
I will cling to You like a sailor lost to the wind
It's all about turns, turn about face
It's all about knowing more of Your grace
I know now
You are my sure thing

You know my heart, You know my soul
You know my comings and goings, You know it all
And I adore You
There are questions, there's no doubt
I trust You and that matters now
I, oh I adore You, yeah

To the prisoner inside This mind of mine You know
I only know so much
Still You and You Alone have shown
The lighthouse glow that leads me home again
'Cause You are my sure thing

I will wait for You
Every moment of this life
Journey closer to be refined
I will trust in You
Far beyond this line of sight
Journey closer to be my guide


This song was written after something very disappointing happened. I was left questioning why. I was hurt and confused but nobody knew except God and me. And most times, he's the only audience that I need.
"Pour out your hearts to God and trust in Him My salvation and my honor depend on God. He is my mighty rock and my refuge. Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuge." Ps 62:7 and 8
Often times when tough questions arise, you want to run to someone else to ask their advice or opinion for an interpretation of what's going on. But, the Lord says "trust in me and pour your hearts out to me". There are questions and there's no doubt about that. But, trusting in the Lord is what matters.

Phil Joel © 2002 Ariose Music/ Near Bliss Music
CDs: Bring It On (2002) (96k 40s mp3), (20k 31s ram), (20k 61s ram), (32k 43s ram)
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