In His Time


In His Dm7timeG7, in His Ctime Am7

He makes Fmaj7all things beautiDm7ful, in His Ctime C7

Lord, please Fshow me every Gday,

As You're Emteaching me Your Am7way,

That You Dm7do just what You Gsay,

In Your Ctime


In Your Dm7timeG7, in Your Ctime Am7

You make Fmaj7all things beautiDm7ful, in Your Ctime C7

Lord, my Flife to You I Gbring,

May each Emsong I have to Am7sing,

Be to Dm7You a lovely Gthing,

In Your Ctime


Diana Ball.
© 1978 Maranatha! Music CCLI song# 25981