Jesus, You Alone

[ capo 1 ] 

GJesus, You alone shall be my Cfirst love, my first Dlove

The Gsecret place and highest praise shall Cbe yours, shall be Dyours.


CTo Your Dthrone I'll Embring deD/F#mvotion,

CMay it Dbe the Emsweetest D/F#msound:

CLord, this Dheart is Emreaching D/F#mfor You C2now.


GSo I'll D/F#mset my Emsights uDpon You,

CSet my G/Bmlife uAm7pon Your Dpraise;

GNever D/F#mlooking Emto aDnother Cway. C D

GYou aD/F#mlone will Embe my Dpassion,

CJesus, G/BmYou will Am7be my Dsong:

GYou will D/F#mfind me Emlonging Dafter CYou. C D


Day and night I lift my eyes to seek You, to seek You.
Hungry for a glimpse of You in glory, in glory.


Tim Hughes. Original key B.
© 1999 Kingsway's Thankyou Music. CCLI song# 2769547
(3:24 128kbps mp3)