Lord Reign In Me

GOver Dall the Cearth, You Dreign on Ghigh

Every Dmountain Cstream, every Dsunset Emsky

But my Done reCquest, Lord my Donly Amaim

Is that You'd Creign in Dme aGgain


GLord Dreign in Cme, reign Din Your Gpower

Over Dall my Cdreams, in my Ddarkest Emhour

You Dare the CLord of Dall I Amam

So won't You Creign in Dme aGgain


Over Devery Cthought, over Devery Gword

May my Dlife reCflect the beauty Dof my EmLord

'Cause You mean more to Dme than any Cearthly Amthing

So won't You Creign in Dme aGgain

Brenton Brown © 1998 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire) CCLI song# 2490706