Made to Worship

BeGfore the day, beD/F#fore the light

beEm7fore the world revolved around the Csun

GGod on high, stepped down D/F#into time

and wrote the Em7story of His love for everyCone C/D


Am7He has filled our Dhearts with wonder

Am7so that we alDways reD/CmemDber


GYou and I are made to worship,

Cyou and I are called to love

Am7You and I are forgiven and Dfree

When Gyou and I embrace surrender,

when Cyou and I choose to believe

Then Am7you and Am7/CI will Dsee, who we were meant to Gbe C G C


All we are and all we have
Is all a gift from God that we receive
Brought to life, we open up our eyes
To see the majesty and glory of the King


Am7Even the rocks cry G/Bout, even the heavens Cshout

At the sound of His Dsus/Em7Holy DName

Am7So let every voice sing G/Bout, and let every knee bow Cdown

He is worthy of Dsus/Em7all our Dpraise


Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Stephan Sharp. Orig key C.
© 2006 CCLI song# 4794118
(1:02 128kbps mp3)