Marvelous Light

GI once was fatherless, Ca stranger with no hope

GYour kindness wakened me, Cwakened me from my sleep

GYour love it beckons deeply, Ca call to come and die

GBy grace now I will come and Ctake this life, take Your life


EmSin has Dlost its power, Cdeath has lost its sting

EmFrom the Dgrave You've risen -- Cvictoriously!


GInto marvelous light I'm running

COut of darkness, out of shame

EmBy the cross You Dare the truth,

You Care the life, You are the way


My dead heart is now beating, my deepest stains now clean
Your breath fills up my lungs, now I'm free, now I'm free


GLift my hands and spin around, Csee the light that I have found

EmO the Dmarvelous light, Cmarvelous light

Charlie Hall. Original key B. 1 Peter 2:9.
© 2004 Generation Music, 2005 CCLI song# 4491002