Multiply Your Love

AMultiply Your Elove through us, to the Alost and the Eleast

ALet us be Your C#mhealing hands, Your instruments of Bpeace

May our single Apurpose be, to imitate Your C#mlife

Through our simple Bwords and deeds, Alet love be multiEplied


Multiply Your love through me, to someone in need
Help me Lord to freely give, this grace that I've received
Let my single purpose be, to imitate Your life
Through my simple words and deeds, let love be multiplied!


ELet us see Your Akingdom come

ETo the poor and Bbroken ones

ELet us see a Amighty flood

Of Ejustice, and Bmercy, O AJesus

BLet love be multiEplied


Multiply Your church through us, to the ends of the earth
Where there's only barrenness, let us see new birth
Use us as Your laborers, working side by side
Let us see your harvest come, let love be multiplied

Andy Park. Original key E.
© 2001 Vineyard Songs Canada CCLI song# 3278422
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