My God


Your faithful Alove has Ealways been Bthere for C#mme

The greatest Alove that EI have ever Bknown

What can I Agive to Eyou for all you've Bgiven to C#mme

You've given Aall of EYou, all I Bneed


You are my BKingC#m, you are my AGod

The praises I BbringC#m, they come from my Aheart


This is for E/G#you, Afor all you've Bdone for me

I E/G#wanted to Ashow you Bhow much you mean

My C#mGod B-- my AGod(B) 


© 2002 Marty Sampson (Hillsong)
CCLI song# 3746882
CDs: United: To the Ends of the Earth (0:35 129kbps wma) (0:43 129kbps wma) (0:29 64kbps ram) (0:29 32kbps rm) (0:42 33kbps ram)