My Heart Will Sing

[ orig key Eb; try C ]

IsusYou're the IriverIsus, You're the IlifeIsus

You're the Igiver, of IsuseveryIthing that's Vright

But my words are IwearyIsus, they'll never IdoIsus

My heart is Iready, is Isusmade to Iworship VYou


My VImlips cannot deIVscribe You, but my Iheart will Vsing

My VImmind cannot deIVfine You, but my Iheart will Vsing

My VImeyes cannot beIVhold the precious Ibeauty of Your Vface

But IVstill my heart will VImsing of Your Vgrace

I am a beggar in a land
Of the broken and the wickedness of man
I've been blind since the first time I opened my eyes
Your love is a wonder none can disguise

Your grace is shining down, on me
Your love is falling down on me
Your hope is shining down, on me
On me, On me

I had a vision of a home
With every memory of love I've ever known
It was the morning of the life to come
I saw the glory of He who overcomes

© 2003 Silers Bald. CDs: Real Life (2003) (3:58 128kbps mp3)