Not Be Shaken


I will deEclare my choice to the nations,

C#mShout for joy in the congregation,

I will Aworship God, (worship God)

BAll my days


Those who Elove the LORD, are satisfied,

Those who C#mtrust in Him, are justified,

I will Aserve my God, (serve my God)

BAll my days


EThough the B/Enations A/Ecrumble,

The B/EWord of the LORD will stand

EKings may B/Erise and A/Efall --

His B/Elove will endure

EThough the B/Estrong may A/Estumble,

The Bjoy of the LORD

Is strengthA, to my Bsoul, A/C#I will not be Bshaken,

AI will not be Bmoved, I will not be Eshaken


Norm Strauss
© 1997 Vineyard Songs Canada; CCLI song# 1352419