Oh I Want To Know You More


GJust the time, I Emthink that I'm, at Cpeace with the world that's Ammine,

DI feel at ease, CI feel at home, and I G/Bknow, I'm Cnot aDlone,

GThen in my rest, there Emcomes a test, that Cshakes me, 'til again I Amknow,

DThat what I've had, Cis not enough, and aG/Bgain, I've Cgot to Dgrow,


GLord, I D/F#want to know You Emmore,

DDeep within my Cheart I want to G/Bknow You

AmLord, I want to Dknow You

And GI would D/F#give my final Embreath,

To Dknow you in your Cdeath and reG/Bsurrection

AmLord, I want to Dknow You Emmore

CLord, I want to Dknow You Gmore


The full supply, I find as I, move closer to the heart of God
To strengthen me, to nourish me, and to fill my mind with Him
I've truly grown, but even so, my hunger hasn't gone away
Still I long, still I thirst, to know Him more each day


Steve Fry
© 1983 Birdwing Music (EMI/BMG)
CCLI song# 20560