One Pure and Holy Passion

[ Capo 5 (key of C) ]


GGive me one D/F#pure and holy Em7passion,

And Cgive me one magG/Bnificent obAm7session, D

Jesus, Ggive me one D/F#glorious amEm7bition for my Dlife

To Cknow and G/Bfollow Am7/Dhard Dafter CYou. D


To Gknow and follow D/Bhard Cafter GYou

To Ggrow as Your diD/Bsciple Cin the Dtruth

This world is Emempty, pale and Dpoor

Compared to Cknowing G/BYou, my ALord

Lead me Con, and I will Drun after GYou


Mark Altrogge
2 Corinthians 7:1
© 1988 PDI Praise / Dayspring Music, Inc.
CDs: Passion for His Presence (1995), You Are Greater (1990), Passion -- One Day Live (2000), Pure and Holy Passion (GLAD), The Spirit Moves (Breakaway Ministries)
Jesus: A Collection of Modern Worship (Jenn Weber) (3:53 64kbps mp3)
CCLI song# 270224