One Small Child

capo 3 (orig. key Gm)

Em - D/E - Am/E - Em
G - D/F# - Am - Am
Em - C - D - G
Bm - Em - A - A
Em - D/E - C/E - D/E


EmOne small D/Echild in a C/Eland of a D/Ethousand

EmOne small D/Edream of a A/ESavior toC/Enight

EmOne small D/Ehand reaching C/Eout to the D/Estarlight

EmOne small D/ESavior of C/Eli -- D/Efe, Em- oo-D/Eooh C/E D/E

One king bringing his gold and riches
One king ruling an army of might
One king kneeling with incense and candlelight
One king bringing us li-fe, oooh


GSee Him D/F#lying, a Gcradle beD/F#neath Him

GSee Him D/F#smiling Emin the Bmstall

GSee His D/F#mother Gpraising His D/F#Father

GSee His D/F#tiny Emeyelids Bmfall

[intro, cresc.]

See the shepherds kneeling before Him
See the kings on bended knee
Oh, See the mother praising the Father
See the Blessed infant sleep

One small child in a land of a thousand
One small dream of a Savior tonight
One small hand reaching out to the starlight
One small Savior of life

Ooo ... Oh ... Oh ... Oh ...
[Repeat to end twice:]
One small child Oh ...
One small child Oh ...

David Meece © 1971 Word Music, Inc.
CCLI song# 10783