Only the Blood


GHoliness is CYour life in Gme  (GMaking me Dclean through Your CbloodG)

GHoliness is CYour fire in Gme  (GPurging my Dheart like a CfloodG)


DI know, EmYou are, Cperfect in Gholiness;

DYour life, Emin me, Csetting me free, Am7making me Dholy


GOnly the Cblood of Jesus - Gcovers all of my Dsin C

GOnly the Clife of Jesus - Grenews me, Cfrom withDin

EmYour blood is eCnough; Am7Your mercy, CcomDplete;

EmYour work of aCtonement

FPaid for my D/F#debts, Gmaking me Choly

GOnly the Cblood of DJeGsus!


(GMercy triumphs Cover judgment)  GOnly the Cblood of Jesus!


Brian Doerksen
© 1990 Vineyard Songs Canada; CCLI song# 605057