Presence (My Heart's Desire)


I Glift up my Cvoice, to the EmKing, King of Dglory

I Ghold out my Chands, to the EmOne who is Dworthy

I Amlong for Your Dsus/F#mpresence; I Amlong, Lord, I need Your Dsustouch


GCome, oh Lord, and fill up my Clife

With the light of Your Empresence -- this is my Dheart's desire

Oh Father, Gcome and let Your Spirit aCbide

I long for Your Empresence -- this is my Dheart's desire


I long to be washed, in the well of Your mercy
I long to be warmed, by the fire of Your glory
I long for Your presence; I long for Your healing touch


(last time): It's my deC2/Gsire, G-   Lord, You're my deC2/Gsire G-


Peter Furler, Steve Taylor (Newsboys), Tim Hughes. Original key C#.
© 2004 Ariose Music; CCLI song# 4408215
CDs: Devotion (2004) (32kbps 0:40 ra cook) (96kbps 0:37 mp3) (176kbps 0:29 ra8) (20kbps 1:00 ram)