DWhere the Bmangels Asee

F#mYou are Bmpraised as Em/GYou should Abe

But Dhow can BmI exApress

My F#myearning Bmfor Your Em/GholiAness

D/F#mMay it Gbe, that


DI will open G/Bup my heart

D/ASearch me in the Adeepest part

And D/F#mI will stand in Gcleansing fire

By D/AYou, puriBmfied

By GYou I'm ApuriDfied


Savior of my soul
To Your strength I yield control
Purge me from my stain
Sin will lose its mortal reign
Make me free, and


You are Holy, You are Holy

Yes You are Holy, You are Holy

You are Holy


Michael W. Smith and Deborah D. Smith. Original key Eb to E.
© 2001 Word Music, Smittyfly Music, This Is Your Time Music. CCLI song# 3409710
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