Sing to the King

[ capo 2 ] 

ESing to the B/EKing who is A/Ecoming to Ereign;

EGlory to B/EJesus, the A/ELamb that was Eslain.

ELife and salB/Evation His A/Eempire shall Ebring,

EJoy to the B/Enations when A/EJesus is EKing (opt: extra bar on E)


ECome, let us sing a song,

A F#msong declaring we belong to AJesus;

He's all we Eneed D

ELift up a heart of praise,

F#mSay now with voices raised to AJesus;

Sing to the EKing! (outro: A/E E)


For His returning we watch and we pray,
We will be ready the dawn of that day.
We'll join in singing with all the redeemed,
Satan is vanquished, and Jesus is King!


Billy Foote and Charles Silvester Horne. Original key E.
© 2003 songs, Six Steps Music. CCLI song# 4010902, 4068624
(6:12 128kbps mp3)