Stir In Me


FStir in Cme a Gmfire that the Bbworld cannot exFplain

CI've come to Gmworship BbYou

FStir in Cme a Gmpassion that my Bbheart cannot conFtain

CI've come to Gmworship BbYou


FHold me, Cbreak me, Gmmold me and Bbmake me

More and Fmore like You C - I've come to Gm worship BbYou

To Flove You, Cfear You, Gmdraw ever Bbnear You

As I Fworship You, CI've come to Gmworship BbYou, oh FLord


Todd Proctor
© 1996 Praisepoint Music, 1999 Maranatha Music, 2000 Deeper Music
CCLI song# 2731678
CDs: Stages, Reverence (Timber Worship) (5:09 128kbps mp3)