The Golden City

[ capo 2 ]


EmSoon your Dtrials will be Am2/Cover,

EmOffered Dup by mercy's Am2/Chand;

CLet Him Dheal you where you're G/Bstanding,

CA doorway Emto another Dland


The sweetest welcome from the Father,
Gathered up and carried home,
We have come to this time of waiting,
Come let us bow before Your throne


We will Emmeet in the golden Gcity, in the Dnew JerusaDlem

All our Cpain and all our Dtears will be no Emmore.

We will Emstand with the hosts of Gheaven and cry, "DHoly is the DLamb",

We will Cworship and aDdore You everEmmore


Never can the powers of darkness,
Neither death nor even life
Let nothing ever separate us,
From the holy love of God


Adrian Plass, Dave Clifton, Ian Blythe, Phil Baggaley
© 1998 IQ Music Limited, CCLI song# 2518279
Performed by Julie Costello and Mal Pope on CD: City of Gold (1998) / Various Artists;
Lyrics unconfirmed; key of F#m (20kbps 3:56 rm)