To the Ends of the Earth


EmLove unC2failing, GoverDtaking my EmheartC2, You Gtake me Din,

EmFinding C2peace again, Gfear is Dlost in all You C2are


And DI would give the world to tell Your Emstory

'Cause I know that You C2called me, I know that You've Gcalled me

I've Dlost myself for good within Your C2promise

And I won't Emhide it, I won't Emhide it


GJesus, I believe in You and DI would go

To the Am7ends of the Earth, to the C2ends of the Earth

For GYou, alone are the Son of God

And Fall the world will see that You Am7are God,

You C2are God


Joel Houston and Marty Sampson
© 2002 Hillsong Publishing; CCLI song# 3744578
CDs: United: To the Ends of the Earth (2002) (129kbps 0:55 wma) (96kbps 0:35 mp3) ; Hope (2003 compilation) (128kbps 0:30 wma)