To You


Here I G5stand, forever in Your C2mighty hand,

Living with Your Dpromise, written on my C2heart

I am G5Yours, surrendered wholly C2to You,

You set me in Your Dfamily, calling me Your C2own


Now G5I, I beAm7long to You, all I D/F#need

Your Spirit, Your G2word, Your truth, hear my C2/Ecry,

My deep deEmsire, to Dsusknow You moreDsus;


In Your G5name, I will Am7lift my hands to the D/F#King,

This anthem of G2praise I bring, Heaven C2/Eknows

I long to Emlove You, with Dsusall I amD;

I belong to C2You G


© 2000 Darlene Zschech (Hillsongs)
CDs: "You Are My World" (2001), "Extravagant Worship" (2002)
CCLI song# 3258181