To You Oh Lord

ETo You, oh B/ELord, I A/Elift up my soul

EIn You I B/Etrust, A/Eoh my God

EDo not let B/Eme A/Ebe put to shame

ENor let my B/Eenemies Atriumph over me


Show me Your ways, and teach me Your paths
Guide me in truth, lead me on.
For You're my God, You are my Savior
My hope is in You, each moment of the day.


ENo one whose B/D#hope is in A/C#You will Bever be put to Eshame

That's why my B/Eeyes are on AYou, oh BLord

C#mSurround me, Bdefend me -- /Bboh how I need You

ATo you I lift up my F#msoul, to you I lift up my Bsoul


Remember Lord, Your mercy and love
That ever flow from of old
Remember not the sins of my youth,
Or my rebellious ways


Graham Kendrick (Psalm 25)
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