I Ahave not Bmuch to C#moffer You, not Anear what BYou deC#mserve

But Astill I Bcome beC#mcause Your cross, has Aplaced in Bme my Eworth

Oh, Christ my King of sympathy, whose wounds secure my peace
Your grace extends to call me friend; Your mercy sets me free


And I Aknow I'm Bweak, I C#mknow I'm unworthy

To Acall uBpon Your C#mname

But beAcause of Bgrace, beC#mcause of Your mercy

I Astand here BunaEshamed


I can't explain this kind of love; I'm humbled and amazed
That You'd come down from heaven's heights, and greet me face to face

Here I Eam, at Your Afeet, in my Ebrokeness comAplete

Jon Neufeld, Tim Neufeld, Doug McKelvey (Starfield) Original key F.
© 2006 Birdwing Music. CCLI song# 4722283
CDs: Beauty in the Broken (2006)