We Are Hungry


GLord, I Cwant more of You, GLiving water Crain down on me.

GLord, I Cneed more of You, GLiving breath of Clife come fill me Cup.


GWe are D/F#hungry, we are Emhungry

We are Chungry for more of GYou

We are D/F#thirsty, oh EmJesus

We are Cthirsty for more of GYou.


Lord, I want more of You, Holy Spirit rain down on me.
Lord, I need more of You, Living breath of life come fill me up.

We lift our holy hands up,
We want to touch you
We lift our voices, higher,
and higher and higher to you.


© 1999 Brad Kilman Publishing; CCLI song# 3067224
CDs: Passion: the Road to One Day (2000) (20kbps 0:52 ram) (96kbps 0:30 mp3) (44kbps 0:33 ram)