With All I Am


DInto Your hand, A/C#  I commit aBm7gain,

With Bm7/Aall I Gam for AYou Lord

DYou hold my world, A/C#  in the palm of Your Bm7hand

And Bm7/AI am GYours forAever Em7 - Asus


AJesus, I beDlieve A/C#-- in G/BYou

Jesus, I beD/F#long F#m-- to GYou

You're the reason that I Emlive, the reason that I Asing,

With all I Dam (A)


I'll walk with You, wherever You go,
Through tears and joy, I will trust in You
And I will live, in all of Your ways,
Your promises, forever


I will Dwor - shipA/C#, I will G/Bwor - Bmship AYou, with all I Dam


Reuben Morgan. Original key of D.
© 2003 Hillsong Publishing; CCLI song# 4257734
CDs: For All You've Done (0:34 96kbps mp3) (0:44 64kbps wma)