Wonderful Maker

capo 1

C2You spread out the skies, over empty space

G/BSaid, "Let there be light," to a dark and formless world

Your light was C2 Dborn

G/B C2You spread out Your arms, over empty hearts

G/BSaid, "Let there be light," to a dark and hopeless world

Your Son was C2 Dborn


You Am7made the world and G/B saw that it was C2good

You Am7sent Your only G/BSon, for you are C2good


D/F#What a wonderful C2Maker, what a wonderful Em7Savior

How majestic Your C2whisperDs, and how humble Your Glove

With a strength like no C2other, and the heart of a Em7Father

How majestic Your C2whisperDs, what a wonderful GGod


NoC2 eye has fully seen, how beautiful the cross

And G/Bwe have only heard the faintest whispers of

How great you C2 Dare


Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin © 2002 Thankyou Music, Six Steps Music CCLI song# 3798627
CDs: Not To Us (1:01 20kbps ram) (0:25 16kbps ram) (0:37 96kbps ram) , Where Angels (1:02 20k)