Worthy (You Are Worthy)

[capo 2] 

GWorthy, You are Am7worthy, much more G/Bworthy than I C2know

GI cannot iAm7magine just how G/Bglorious You C2are

And DI cannot beC2gin to tell how G/Bdeep a love You C2bring

O DLord my ears had C2heard of You, but G/Bnow my eyes have C2seen


You're Gworthy, You're Am7worthy, You're G/Bworthy C2

You're Gworthy to be Am7praised, forG/Bever and a C2day (2x)


Glory, I give glory to the One who saved my soul
You found me and You freed me
From the shame that was my own
And I cannot begin to tell how merciful You've been
O Lord, my ears had heard of You, but now my eyes have seen


We'll sing an anthem of the highest praise
We'll sound an anthem of Your glorious name

Matt Redman. Orig. key of B.
© 1999 Thankyou; CCLI song# 2646749