EYahweh, BYahweh, F#mAncient One yet You're Ehere toBday

EAgeless One, BChangeless One

F#mShowing love to all DgeneraBtions

F#mShow us Your E/G#glory, oh BsusLord B

F#mLet Your goodness E/G#pass before us, Aright before our Bsuseyes B

AAnd we will Eworship, Aand we will Ebow down

AAnd we will Ecall You BsusLord B

AAnd we will Ekneel before the AMaker of the EUniverse

AAnd we will Ecall You BsusLord B

EYahweh, BYahweh, F#mFaithful One You have Eshown us the Bway

EThrough the years, through Ball our lives

F#myou have shown You are Dfaithful to the Bend

Andy Park © 1994 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing CCLI song# 1509406