You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)

You are Eholy (You are holy), You are Amighty (You are mighty),

You are F#mworthy (You are worthy), Worthy of Bpraise (Worthy of praise),

I will Efollow (I will follow), I will Alisten (I will listen),

I will F#mlove you (I will love you), All of my Edays (All of my days)

[ A B E C#m (4x) ]
I will sing to You are Lord of Lords
And worship You are King of Kings
The King who You are mighty God
Is worthy Lord of everything
I will love and You're Emmanuel
Adore Him You're the great I Am
I will bow down You're the Prince of Peace
Before Him Who is the Lamb
I will sing to You're the living God
And worship You're my saving grace
The King who You will reign forever
Is worthy You are Ancient of Days
I will love and You are Alpha Omega
Adore Him Beginning and End
I will bow down You're my Savior, Messiah
Before Him Redeemer and Friend

You're my APrince of Peace, and I will Blive my life for Eyou


© 1994 Marc Imboden
CDs: Come to the Table (1998), Worship Again (Michael W. Smith) (2002) (wma) (ram) (rm)
CCLI song# 2332149