You Opened Up My Eyes (Not By Words)

[ capo 2 ] 

Not by Emwords and not by C2deeds

But by Emgrace we have been C2saved

And it Emis the gift of C2God, the faith we Dneed C

Not by Emstrength and not by C2might

But with Empower from on C2high

So that Emwe can only C2boast, boast in DYou C


GFor once I Cwas dead, now I'm Dalive

For Cfreedom I'm set Gfree

In your Cgreat love, life do DI find

You Copened up my Geyes (D/F# Em C)


Not with eloquence or fame, but in weakness and in shame
For the power of Your strength is then revealed
And the message of Your cross, seems such foolishness to some
But the mercy of Your grace has hit me


EmWhat mercy, D/F#what mercy, Gwhat mercy beC2neath the cross

Martin Layzell. Original key of Bb.
© 1999 Thankyou Music; CCLI song# 2861263 CDs: Soul Survivor (4:31 128kbps mp3)